"I've been stranded on this planet for some time now. My crew left me behind in order to save an important data packet that could help save the galaxy. Now, I am alone and it's up to me to explore this new world and gather the resources I need to fix my ship and find a way back home.

But I 'm not completely alone, I have my companion drone that always helps me, it can fly and scan the area for resources, help me navigate and defend against hostile creatures, also it can repair my equipment and help me build structures for my survival.

As I journey through the planet, I might encounter some dangers but I hope to find also beautiful landscapes and hidden wonders. First scans shows some ruins far away, this could mean there was intelligent life in this planet before, and that could mean I can find what I need for my ship.

I hope to one day rejoin the Galactic Federation and help in the fight against the terrorists, but first, I must focus on the task at hand: fixing my ship and finding a way back home. Will you join me on this journey and help me survive on this strange new world?"


This is a game prototype I did for a personal one week jam, the idea initially was some kind of Don't Starve sci fi. I wanted to explore world generation, resource collection, crafting and more but ended up focusing only on world generation.  

Story is inspired by FTL, you are one of those guys that go exploring on a planet and never return, and now you are stranded on a random planet.


WASD or Arrows (or gamepad) to move.

J to skip dialogue


Music by @esti_uy

Asset pack by @penusbmic

Extra props assets by @pencilwing

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Tags2D, Pixel Art, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Unity

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