The Emperor assigned our House, The Ordos, to develop a new Harvester vehicle capable of harvesting Spice at triple rate. By using our advanced technology, we are not only doing that but also making it fast enough to escape from Sand Worms. Pilot, you are in charge of testing the first prototype, we have great expectations, don't let us down.


* WASD  to move

* Stop over Spice to start harvesting it.

This is my entry for the LDJAM52, my idea with this game was to recreate that moment when the Sand Worm was coming to get your units and your Harvester in particular in Dune 2 (and in the movies), but I wanted to get that from the Harvester perspective.

Source code at my Github

Known gameplay issues

  • Spice is too sparse and it is difficult to harvest (it was a last minute change to make it more slow to reach the objective but it was a fail)

Some ideas I left behind, mainly because of the lack of time.

* Camera tremble based on Sand Worm distance.
* Show height map in Minimap, and more indicators, like where to find spice, and maybe show more area.
* More spice mechanics, one of them was consume spice when driving, plant spice bombs to distract the sand worm, others.
* Random terrain on start + random spice locations.
* Better sandworm animation.
* Particles for movement.


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