Seedcity Chasers!

In the year 20XX, plant based tech has taken over the world. S33D implants enhance and augment an individuals abilities beyond the natural order.

After a heist gone wrong, your friend has implanted an experimental S33D within herself and lost control.

You must stop her and extract the S33D before it is too late, for all of you...


TAB - switch control schemes

Up/Right/Down/Left or WASD - Move

Z or J - Button A - Basic attack

X or K - Button B - Pickup traps  / Special attack

A or Return - Start Button

1, 2 - Cycle palettes


Ariel Coppes - @arielsan


Nicolás de León - @ndele0n

Franco Zucchi - @pencilwing

Music & SFX:

Martín García de Zúñiga - @elementalbucle

Features that couldn't make it for the jam

  • Each pickup gives the player different mod the main attack for some time or charge, for example a blaster o a machinegun, etc. The player can always chose to release the mod as an special super attack (like kirby).
  • Each pickup will have a different bad effect on player if failed to pick it up. For example, damage + disable main attack or damage + lose boss vision, etc.
  • Boss spawns small enemies with different movement and attack patterns like a bullet hell 
  • Boss fight was going to be in sections, so each time the boss loses a % of health, it was going move away from the battlefield and a different moment would take place where small enemies with different patterns attack, then the boss returns with new skills.

UPDATE (post submission):

  • Fixed palette swap and also some anti aliasing issues related.

Seedcity Chasers was made to participate at  the GBJAM10.


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